Are you unable to take out time from your busy schedule to go out for a run in the park, to add in a touch of Cardio into your daily routine? Looking for a relatively more natural way of getting one step closer to your summer body goals, without having to spend too much money on gym memberships? Then my friend, investing upon purchasing a reliable treadmill is the ideal choice for you. As basic of a workout machine as it may seem or sound to be, a treadmill in the sphere of fitness is considered as the Rolls-Royce of Cardio.

benefits of running on a treadmill

According to statistics, the wholesale market for treadmills alone earned a whopping estimate of $1.03 billion; therefore, showcasing the constant popularity of treadmills within the American population.

Aside from the set 150-minutes of aerobic activity such as a brisk walk or jog set by NHS , for adults, as a component of healthy living, utilizing a treadmill daily has a diverse set of benefits offered. If you have found yourself utterly intrigued by treadmills, with the urge to purchase one yourself, then you have come to the right place, my friend.

Without any further adieu, let’s begin with discussing the core ten benefits of running on a treadmill. Keep on reading!

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1. Smooth Running

smooth running on treadmill

Among the most significant advantage, a treadmill has to offer users is a relatively reduced impact upon the legs while walking, or even jogging due to the feet of each user landing upon a consistently smooth surface. Particularly in cases where users are accustomed to running or jogging outdoors, the legs take in a significant amount of impact when landing their feet upon uneven, dirty or hard surfaces such as roads, pavements etc.

Due to the sheer popularity, treadmill manufacturers have now introduced shock absorption technology, featuring a soft surface to alleviate any strain or additional pressure being placed upon the ankles or feet of users while running or even brisk-walking. The controlled impact upon the joints, that too regularly can considerably avoid users from developing any chronic aches following eventual utilization.

2. Run for a Healthy Heart

run for a healthy heart

A treadmill is considered as among the top most preferred as well as favoured forms of Cardio within the fitness industry. Running or jogging regularly is categorized as an excellent form of enhancing Cardiovascular health or in somewhat simpler, more understandable words, the well-being of your heart.

The most prominent result of utilizing a treadmill daily is of enhanced blood-circulation, through which, muscles within the anatomy are delivered a relatively higher percentage of oxygen; therefore, stimulating better performance. Although not directly related; however, regular physical activity via a treadmill has been time and again affiliated with decreased harmful cholesterol levels. Users subject to blood-pressure, along with chronic heart diseases, can significantly benefit from lower bad-cholesterol levels via reduced chances of fat blockages within arteries.

An additional feature offered by almost all treadmills to users, particularly those suffering from heart-affiliated issues, comes in the form of an automatic heart-beat monitor, which keeps a record of any irregularities and analysis of the beats per session.

3. Weight Loss

weight loss

If it is your summer body you are in search of, then the treadmill should be your best friend, that too regularly. The treadmill has been long utilized as a vital form of adding Cardio in the fitness routine, due to the fact that an estimated 100 calories are burnt on a per mile basis. For users with an already built up stamina, running several miles can result up to a high amount of calories burnt, that too in a single session.

Shifting between varying intensity levels during a single workout session can further stimulate the levels of calories being burnt via significantly increased blood-circulation among the muscles.

4. Enhanced Stamina and Speed

enhanced stamina and speed

Treadmills offer each user with the advantage of being able to have full control over the speed or the intensity of the workout session. With merely a press of a button, acceleration can be increased to be able to run faster, which over-time with continuous utilization has been considered as a core factor of enhancing physical stamina.

Professional runners, in particular, have been known to carry out treadmill running session, that too in inclined positions to adequately stimulate as well as increase the sprint-start speed levels of the anatomy. The advantage of a quicker rate of acceleration during the very start of a race is what helps determine the remaining course for runners due to which, an extensively inclined, high-intensity treadmill workout is a part of their daily lives.

5. Muscle Development

muscle development

Cardio aside from weight-loss when utilized on a set pattern of high-to-low intensity workout sessions, not only helps with enhancing the stamina of users but also stimulates muscle growth. High-to-low intensity continuous workout fitness sessions help contour along with enhancing muscle growth due to stronger tendons within the muscles being utilized.

Since Cardio has been known to target a majority percentage of the body, leg muscles are not the only part of the anatomy which grows in muscle size, strength and stamina following dedicated treadmill sessions.

For users seeking to target the abdominal muscles can do so by merely flexing their abdominals during a running session for increasing ab strength. Likewise, the natural swing of arms during a run on the treadmill helps with ridding the body of flabby, lose arm fat. So if it’s fat loss and muscle gain you are seeking overall, then a treadmill is your best bet.

6. 24/7 Availability

The vital most convenience a treadmill offers buyers is its 24/7 availability. When it comes to gym memberships, several hindrances such as public holidays or even lousy traffic can get in the way of you and your treadmill based cardio workout.

Purchasing a reliable treadmill, on the other hand, offers each user the option of utilizing the fitness machine, whenever along with wherever they seem fit, for as long as it has access to an electrical output. Owners following their purchase can enjoy the experience and benefits a treadmill has to offer within the comfort of the vicinity of their homes, saving both commute fuel along with time which would have otherwise been spent going and coming back from the gym.

7. Enhanced Flexibility

Healthy joint flexibility becomes essential as individuals age, to decrease the chances of being diagnosed with degenerative bone-related ailments or similar medical conditions, a highly common of which is arthritis. Limited flexibility, along with staying stationary is among the core causes of developing such conditions. Regular utilization of the treadmill can significantly limit the chances via growing as well as maintaining healthy levels of joint flexibility.

8. Progress Analysis

With the ever-growing demand of treadmills in the worldwide industry, newer more advanced models feature user technology which helps track multiple user progress to optimize convenience. It can become highly time-consuming as well as an arduous task to keep track of workout details, that too daily. Treadmills, in this case, help offer users their workout history details via automated workout session analysis.

Both easy and extremely convenient, keeping track of fitness sessions on treadmills has never been easier.

9. Extremely User-Friendly

Manoeuvring the functions of a treadmill is always kept extremely basic via manufacturers to maximize user convenience. A large-sized control panel helps create easy access for users even when utilizing the treadmill regardless of whether during a running or brisk-walking session.

All workout settings are displayed with easy-to-understand vector images placed upon each button for optimal understanding and comfort. In rare cases; however, where users may find themselves confused, can always consult with the user manual delivered alongside the treadmill via manufacturers.

10. User-safety

Although running outdoors may have its perks; however, the element of being outdoors itself exposes runners to an array of elements which may otherwise jeopardize their safety. A treadmill, on the other hand, maximizes user safety by allowing buyers to utilize the fitness equipment within the vicinity of their desired space.

An additional ’emergency’ button is also easily accessible to each user, in severe cases which after being pressed, brings the treadmill to a sudden and a complete halt in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Regardless of whether it is a better-toned body, you are in search of, or an enhanced physical functioning within the anatomy, investing in purchasing a reliable treadmill for regular utilization can never go wrong. It is best advised; however, to always carry out prior research of the market sphere to help pick out the ideal treadmill for fulfilling your fitness goals and needs.

Good luck with your fitness journey!


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