Cable row machine, Chest press machine, Triceps extension bar, “Dumbbells”. Most of us are perhaps not familiar with these intensive Gym machine names but Dumbbells catch everyone’s eyes. As it is the most frequently used, handy and portable item for everyone. In this smart era sound mind resides in ‘smart’ body. 

Your physical appearance is always the first priority to attract people’s attention. It doesn’t mean that fat people have no brain or they can’t be the center of attention. Obesity is always considered as disease; though it is still under discussion.

According to American Heart Association, “Obesity is estimated to cause 112,000 to 365,000 deaths per year. It is recognized that overweight people are more vulnerable to sudden death”

best dumbbell brands


Hence, obesity is never appreciated but slim and smart body is always a charm for everyone. For this purpose, most of us do the best we can; from drinking vile herbal remedial juices to spending a month’s salary in gyms, running miles for fat burning to trying luck on expensive gym machines. 

But the only thing you achieved was a tiring body and muscle pain. Eventually you end up losing a few inches of your dress from tailor in order to look perfectly slender. Also, to ensure your family and friends that you have really lost weight, not just clothes.

Why Dumbbells Should Be Your Weight loss and Weight less partner?

how to choose the perfect adjustable dumbbells


Now the questions that may cross your mind are: ‘Why only Dumbbells’? Why this discrimination with other workout equipment?  Do we really need to eliminate all the exercising machines and keep dumbbells forever? 

So the answer of all these above trouble creating questions is simple. To start off your very own exercise session, you need to step in with some light on a body exercise. You need to go up gradually with weights as you can’t force your body to shed extra layers of fat immediately.

Gyms and yoga are the best options but there are certain exercises which cannot be completed without dumbbells; as these majestic pairs can be used in a variety of exercises such as: Dumbbell Squat, Stiff leg dumbbell calf raise, Incline dumbbell bench press, one arm dumbbell rows, seated dumbbell shoulder press, lying dumbbell extensions and there is so much to list in. These exercises are best for beginners. 

Obviously no one can rush frequently to Gyms, so why not have your own pair of dumbbells with you. A suitable set of dumbbells is a must-have item for your home gym so you can exercise whenever you want and wherever you feel like. 

If you are a novice and looking for the best brands in the market so, you must have to keep certain objectives in mind. Dumbbells can be weight from 1kg to 100kg. For the first time you need to pick the flexible and lightweight dumbbells which entirely depends on the dumbbells’ base weight.  You need to pick such a pair of dumbbells that can be effortlessly put away and can be carried wherever you wish.

Use of Dumbbells; Leaves You Amused:

Dumbbells are commonly used for ‘Joint-isolation exercise’ like: Biceps curl, Chest fly or shoulder raises, wrist curls, back extensions, Triceps press-down and so forth. Exercises with Dumbbells have mechanic and metabolic overload that leads to muscle growth. Mechanical overload activates the muscle repair process of damaged caused by muscle contractions. It also increases muscle size. 

Metabolic overload is a result of muscle fatigue which leads the muscle cells enable to store glycogen and causes the muscle size to increase. Dumbbells exercises lead to the benefits for cardiorespiratory fitness and flexibility. In training regimen, dumbbells play a decent role.

Dumbbells are the safest to use when you are training alone. Imagine a bench press training alone or missing a heavy squat; sounds horrible to leave you injured. Training with dumbbells has no such horrific facts to visualize, just drop them when you are done and leave. 

The Best Dumbbell’s Brand Worldwide:

best adjustable dumbbells


For best results, a sensational beginning is essential, for a sensational beginning the sturdiest enough tools are required. When it comes to your fitness, you can’t rely on an ordinary product because money never costs more than your health. To invest in your product from a trustworthy brand doesn’t make you brand conscious, rather it’s a healthy sign of being ‘Health Conscious’.

So, better not to risk your health and go for the best brands for amazing results. For your convenience, a list is compiled below to guide you for the most trustworthy and trending brands to purchase your first set of dumbbells and welcome your smart life.

1. Bowflex –Be fit for life

bowflex selectech 552 adjustable dumbbells

Blowflex; marketed and sold by Nautilus, Inc. Based in Vancouver, Washington; is the most popular brand name of a series and sturdiest varieties of fitness equipment. These adjustable dumbbells from Bowflex are recognized as the best dumbbells over all. Bowflex is a name of trust when it comes to purchasing for the best fitness training equipment. Their products are most suitable and reliable for first timers.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Pair:

Trending number 5 on Amazon. The Bowflex Dumbbells captivating the reviews worldwide.

According to The Wirecutter, the pair of Bowflex SelectTech is “User-friendly” and has a great value. On Fit Rated ,this brand is recognized to have a solid grip and ideal for home gym. This one pair of dumbbells replaces 15 trouble-free and quick weight changes.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell:

Bowflex is one of those top notch brands which is considered the best among in the fitness equipment slot. Having adaptable nature, this single adjustable dumbbell may wipeout your need to try other brand’s dumbbell. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells; is easy to set up and recommended for body toning and muscle strengthening exercises. The Bowflex dumbbells are undoubtedly best of all movable dumbbells. It offers extremely simple weight with comfortable grip and flexible setting.

cap barbell


CAP is one of the leading endorse brands and well known for manufacturing the substantial fitness appliances. If you want to strengthen all muscles from upper and lower body, then CAP is the brand made for you. CAP Barbell Cast Iron Dumbbells must be your top priority. 

The CAP dumbbells are designed as unique hexagon shape, which prevents them from rolling and has hustle-free storage with portability. Easily available in sizes from 15 – 20 pounds, perfectly finished with fine enamel industrial coat with silver grey weight marks on each ends.

You can enjoy working out for hours when you have such a strong and solid CAP iron dumbbells in each hand. Fitness enthusiasts wish to have large enough space to accommodate the various sets of CAP Dumbbells. 


Credit: Yes4All

If you are starting a home gym, then dumbbells must be on the top of the list. Yes4All is the perfect brand for you which sells a large variety of fitness equipment with supreme quality and perfect blend of durability makes their product last longer. You can start from an initial stage to next level professional easily by opting Yes4all for your dumbbells purchase. It has a smooth and easy texture handling, durability and a wide range of sizes availability. The yes4 all dumbbells sold in sets and combo packages.

Majority of the fitness enthusiast recommends Yes4All dumbbells and mention the weights of dumbbells as versatile with highly standard quality of cast-iron creation.

According to Fitness Rock overview for Yes4All Adjustable dumbbell says that these dumbbells are perfect gym quality and not cheap plastic

amazonbasics neoprene dumbbells

Credit: AmazonBasics

The Amazon Neoprene Dumbbells are the lightest weighted one. The best pick for the beginners and ladies. The lesser weight dumbbells make you perform a productive work out. The pair is available on Amazon from 1 to 20 pounds. The set of 20 is the most recommended by the customers because it comes with 2-, 3- and 5- pounds weights with a stand; considered ideal for calisthenic exercises such as: arm extensions and knee bends.

The Lifevest mentions the AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell set as a great choice for its color coding, comfortable grip with affordability ,whereas according to TBPR (The Best Product Review) “Amazon Neoprene Dumbbells are easy to assemble”.

trademark innovations aquatic dumbbells

Credit: Trademark Innovations

Trademark innovations is  well known for their amazing fitness and hardware appliances. As the name indicates; the pair of Aquatic Exercise dumbbells are one of the finest additions to your perfect ‘Water aerobics workout’. Measure 11inches longer and 6inches wider in size; available as a set of two, made from EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) foam which has low water absorption. 

Wiki.Ezvid mentions the Trademark Innovations Aquatic Exercise Dumbbells as durable and the EVA foam offered an adequate amount of resistance which is the most essential part during water aerobics exercises.

spri deluxe vinyl dumbbells

Credit: SPRI

For more than three decades SPRI is one of the leaders in providing innovative, effective, durable and professional-quality fitness products. SPRI has a wide range of fitness related varieties; perfect for fitness fanatics and their fitness goals. The SPRI Deluxe Vinyle Dumbbells are must to achieve items due to its vinyl finish that makes them easy to grip. These sets have color coated with marked on each end for easier identification. These are ideal for walking, step training, aerobics, even for your yoga session; these dumbbells are necessary to keep with you along.


Credit: DA VINCI

If you are looking for a pair of dumbbells that comes with the combination of new, stylish, functionality with ease then you must go for Da Vinci brand. The most well- known brand for its quality fitness hardware and sporting products. Each Da Vinci Dumbbell is durable with unique, slip preventing hexagonal design that makes it outstanding. Da Vinci has a range of colorful themes with well-gripped handles. This brand has its own perfection that it doesn’t show any cons and negative reviews.

tone fitness dumbbells

Credit: Tone Fitness

Tone Fitness is among those brands which are recommended for both neophyte or professional workout fanatics. So, it would be a brilliant choice to have Tone Fitness hourglass shaped dumbbell set to increase your overall health, burn some extra sturdy calories and get toned. The Tone Fitness dumbbell set includes 2 pounds, 3pounds and 5pounds dumbbells pairs. Each set is covered with durable neoprene material to make your workout session easier in indoors and outdoors. 

j fit dumbbells

Credit: j/fit

To add some versatility in your workout routines, you definitely need this J/Fit Dumbbell Set. J/Fit offers four complete set with unique sizes each. J/Fit has vast range of various sizes. All you need to do is to choose the right set for your specific exercising needs and abilities. Generally, doctors for rehabilitation recommends light weight sizes for Barre routines.  It is specifically designed for light and high-impact exercises. J/Fit Dumbbell set is available in a pack of two; 32- pounds dumbbells which are highly durable and last longer for fitness enthusiasts.

unipack adjustable dumbbells

Credit: Unipack

A pair of two 100-pound adjustable Dumbbell kit by Unipack; made of high quality cast iron which attracts the fitness fanatics across the world. The Unipack kit includes two 5-pounds plates, two 5- pounds collar, two 2.5-pounds plates and eight 10-pounds plates. For those who are searching for a reasonable price. The Unipack Dumbbells are the best dumbbells brand in market. Despite all the necessary accessories with this kit, it’s perfect to fit in restricted small areas of exercising, hence you don’t need to make extra room for this. 

Wrapping up:

It is considered a painstaking task to find the best dumbbell set for your workout routine. Every person is born different, from body weight to stamina, everyone shows a unique scale. Before wandering out in market just keep the quality-first strategy in mind. As eventually your health matters a lot.

The brands are here for you, now it is shopping time to find out the best ‘made for you’ brand item from the market. One should never compromise regarding health and fitness. Each brand has something special for someone special. You have to make an effort to find out the perfect brand that suits you completely.


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