Thousands of Americans choose to invest in purchasing a treadmill for various purposes, including but not entirely limited to weight-loss for achieving your desired summer body, toning the anatomy as well as for muscle development and growth. The commercial treadmill industry reached a whopping $1.3 Billion during the year 2018 alone, according to released statistics. Among the most significant most advantage of owning a treadmill at home has to offer, is being available 24/7.

Unlike the gym, owning a treadmill within the vicinity of your own home can allow you to utilize it whenever, as well as however frequently you may please, to help you attain your desired fitness goals more effectively. While elements such as bad weather or heavy traffic may stop you from taking your daily stroll at the park or from going to the gym, a treadmill readily available at home can keep your work out regularly without any excuses.

There are; however, many prospective buyers whom of which voiced their concerns regarding whether it is indeed advisable to place a treadmill upstairs for utilization. If that is also among your primary concerns which are stopping you from making the purchase, then my friend you have come to the right place. The answer to your raised fear of whether treadmills should be placed upstairs is actually dependent upon several factors which need to be kept into consideration. To get to know more about each of the components which needs to be thought through before placing a treadmill upstairs include but are not entirely limited to those mentioned within this post, so keep on reading!

Weight Capacity of the Floor

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The weight of a treadmill is the primary most element which needs to be considered, treadmills are relatively big structured fitness machines, due to which they may tend to reach up to 350 pounds each. Furthermore, when working out on a treadmill, the anatomy weight merged with the treadmill weight can amount up to a significant sum more an estimated 650lbs. The question then arises, of how structurally well built the flooring is as well as its ability to bear the weight of both the treadmill as well as the shock of the treadmill being utilized, effectively.

An adequate built structure can support an estimated nearly 50 pounds per square foot and in a room average size of 100 square feet should easily be able to withhold an aggregate of 5000, following which chances of structural damage may be relatively higher. Therefore, if it is the overall weight of the treadmill you are worried about, then a sturdy, well-built flooring can be your solution for it. If; however, you are still unsure or cautious about using the treadmill upstairs within your home, then I would suggest opting for strategic placement. For enhanced support, the treadmill itself can be positioned above a load-bearing wall or even above a floor joist for allowing maximum weight withholding capacity by the floor beneath.

Another solution for prospective buyers unsure of placing the treadmill upstairs can be in the form of opting for purchasing a treadmill which weighs relatively lighter within the market sphere. With a wide array of models as well as varying manufacturers available in the global market, there are loads of treadmill models which are designed in a minimalistic manner to ensure a lighter weight which not only prevents from floor damage but also makes moving the treadmill around relatively more straightforward.

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Noise/Vibration Reduction

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Once the floor strength has been checked off the list, the very next component which needs to be taken into consideration is that of the noise along with the vibrating motions it creates once switched on. Air is considered as a comparatively slower form of noise conduction when placed in comparison to solid objects; therefore, when placed on a solid floor, the noise generated via a treadmill can travel more forcefully as well as quicker than via air molecules. When placed on the 1st floor of a house, particularly one with your family/friends living within, talking to them and making them understand the cause of the noise can be a relatively more manageable task.

The real issue arrives; however when treadmill buyers are residing within an apartment building. The noise, and most significantly the vibrations generated via the functioning treadmill will amplify through the walls, mainly through wood-based frames as well as floors.

For Example, if a treadmill while functioning can produce 50-decibels, the tenants living in the floor beneath would probably be hearing an amplified 100-decibels instead. A 100-decibels can easily be compared to the vibrations and noise felt by a train passing from nearby an apartment building. It is primarily due to this reason behind why some tenant clauses prohibit the utilization of treadmill within a specific apartment building, to best maintain the peace of all tenants residing within the apartment complex.

There are several ways by which the issue can be resolved to some extent if you are residing within an apartment complex that allows treadmills. The most straightforward form of vibration and noise reduction comes in the form of placing a sound/vibration barrier in between the treadmill base and the floor. Treadmill mats are readily available within the market sphere for the very same reason of minimizing vibration being produced via the fitness machine. Furthermore, Gypcrete soundproofing can also be incorporated in the room within which the treadmill will be placed, although it may be relatively more costly; however, can be significantly effective with minimizing noise and vibrations being emitted.

If either of the soundproofing as mentioned above or sound reduction methods do not work for you, then the most convenient way is to talk to your downstairs neighbors regarding the noise/vibrations being emitted. One preferred approach is to ask your neighbors the best time it would be for you to utilize the treadmill to avoid inconvenience for all the parties involved. There may be specific periods during the day when your neighbors may not be home; and therefore, any discomfort caused can be avoided effectively.

Getting it Set in Place

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Last, but not the least of issue revolving around placing the treadmill upstairs literally is, the process of getting the fitness machine up to the stairs. A treadmill is a relatively large machine, featuring an aggregate weight of nearly 350lbs, getting the device up to the stairs that too without any additional professional help can be extremely arduous if not wholly impossible.

Home delivery services have a strict rule of only transporting the machinery till the door-step, and in the case where the buyer lives in apartments, then till the building’s address. Getting the heavy machinery till the desired floor can take an extensive amount of additional charges. The overall width of the treadmill also needs to be taken into consideration, since at times it may not fit through the staircase or even the doorway.

To avoid inconvenience; therefore, it is essential to think through the process of transporting and placing the treadmill at your place of desire, following which adequate steps need to be taken for ensuring that the vibrations and sounds emitted via the treadmill are minimized. Finally, it is just as fundamentally important to get your neighbors consent upon which timings would best suit them to avoid any discomfort caused for all the parties involved.

Most buildings are strong enough to withstand not only the weight of the treadmill but also that of a functioning treadmill combined with the weight of its user. Therefore, the treadmill falling through the floor should be the least of your concerns.

Once the variables as mentioned above are kept in considerations and are carefully ticked off the list, I would deem the treadmill to be entirely safe for utilization whether it may be on the 2nd floor or even the 15th floor.

Good luck with your quest!

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