Cardio has always been considered as an ideal form of targeting fat at a full-body level. With the summer bashes and beach parties of the heat of July coming up, if it is a quick and a relatively easier way of weight loss you are seeking, then you have come to the right place for sure. Your journey towards attaining your summer body is just an informative post away, so let’s not get distracted, shall we!

Treadmill within the global sphere of fitness has time and again via the Sports and Fitness Industry Association has been categorized as being the Number 1, most preferred way of adding a daily dose of cardio for a healthier and a significantly leaner body type. Ever since the introduction of treadmills to the public population, as a result of ever-growing demand, basic treadmills have now been wholly revolutionized with each new upgraded model featuring an array of highly advanced fitness functioning aimed at delivering optimal results.

does treadmill help in weight loss

Weight-loss, in general, is a two-step process which merges not only healthy eating but also a daily dose of fitness workout sessions. Working out on a treadmill is what I have noticed to be among the most popular forms of integrating running sessions on a regular basis, so even if you can not seem to lay low on the calorie intake, an extensive treadmill based workout can still work wonders with reducing fat collection within the anatomy. If you are intrigued about if, as well as how, a treadmill can aid in weight loss, then keep on reading!

Specialized Preset Programs

treadmill for weight loss

With newer and more updated treadmill models being released into the market sphere by manufacturers, in an attempt to attract a more significant chunk of the targeted audience, highly updated fitness technologies are now incorporated inside each treadmill for delivering optimal results. One of the more advanced features which in today’s time can be commonly found included inside treadmills is the presence of automatically preset fitness sessions. Preset fitness sessions or programs offer users sheer convenience, particularly those of which are relatively new in their fitness routines; therefore, unaware of workout sessions which fully optimize weight loss.

Another great advantage fully automated fitness programs offer treadmill user’s is the ability to save up money by not having to hire a professional instructor to guide them through various fitness programs. Furthermore, each preset program incorporated within treadmills is done so after continuous consultation with professional fitness instructors along with medical practitioners, to ensure not only maximized effective weight loss but also to optimize user safety.

Last, but certainly not the least, the weight-loss journey of each user can be monitored with the help of various user-memory incorporated inside treadmills, to keep a detailed track of each users workout featuring an array of significant workout aspects such as calories burned, incline levels, running speed, heartbeat rate etc.

Among the most popular forms of preset fitness programs include but are not entirely limited to those enlisted below:

Classic Cardio: With the aim of rising user heartbeat to 50-85% of the maximum, varying speed intervals are incorporated for ensuring a full-body fat burning experience.

Fat Reduction: Taking it a step further from Classic Cardio, Fat Reduction concentrates entirely upon targeting the elimination of fat collection within the anatomy, whether around the arms, the abdominal or even the legs. With the help of faster speed intervals, the heart rate of each user is maintained between 80-85% for increased anatomy warm-up; through a higher rate of sweating.

Speed Interval Training: Another, more extreme form of weight loss in the form of an automatically preset massage program, is the Speed Interval Training, available to treadmill users. Interval Training stimulates enhanced fat burning with the help of switching between varying jogging speeds followed by short periods of high-speed sprinting to maximize fat elimination fully.

Inclined Intervals: Inclined Intervals not only switch between speed intensities but takes it a notch further by alternating between high-inclined and low-incline levels to mimic movements of going uphill as well as downhill for users.

For users whom of which have relatively more experience along with knowledge of which setting best suits them, can always opt for creating manually set workouts programs with the help of highly user-friendly controls.

Ultimate Speed Control

speed control in treadmills

The most useful feature integrated within treadmills that helps significantly with stimulating weight loss is the total speed control provided to each user. Extremely easy to understand as well as access buttons are placed upfront for users. Basic vector images upon each button help deliver better understandability to users for expertly manoeuvring the treadmill.

Among the most prominent reasons behind why users prefer treadmills over outdoor running for weight-loss is due to the comparatively higher level of speed control, a treadmill offers each user. When running outdoors, an array of elements such as a crowded spot, uneven ground, icy surfaces etc. can all impact upon the speeds being maintained during interval training; whereas, a treadmill helps keep a standard surface for users to run upon.

Incorporating short period, high-speed sprints between your jogging session frequently not only cuts short the workout time but also helps with shedding off any unwanted fat surrounding the waist of users according to Livestrong.

A study carried out by the East Tennessee State University during which subjects were made to run upon varying speed intervals on a treadmill helped analyze the effects of speed interval training/running upon the anatomy. Following the study, it was deduced that women whom of which were subject to higher speed intervals including 2-minute long frequent sprints, recorded higher calorie breakdown levels than those whom of which were on moderate to slow speed intervals without sprints.

It is best advised to opt for speed and sprint levels which users themselves feel comfortable with, to avoid any unforeseen injuries.

Levels of Incline

levels of incline in treadmills

Alongside speed controls, almost all treadmills within the market sphere also offer entirely control over the levels of incline for effectively delivering optimized calorie breakdown. Since an inclined ground places more strain upon the user’s body, a higher percentage of calorie loss is observed as a result of which, just like speed, users should opt for automatic or manually customize inclined intervals.

When utilizing manual incline customization, it is further advised to only opt for incline levels the body, mainly the feet are accustomed to, since any sudden strain being placed upon the feet due to an uneven surface can result in injuries or may aggravate muscle/joint degenerative medical conditions. Building up the body via eventual utilization of the incline feature is an excellent way of avoiding any adverse strain being placed particularly surrounding the ankles of users.

For fully optimizing weight loss effects, professionals within the field best advice users to follow incline patterns where the level is significantly increased for a total of 2-3 minutes following which the incline is reduced; therefore, mimicking the calorie burn of users walking uphill and downhill.

Incorporating inclined intervals within the daily routine helps users with not only reducing fat surrounding the legs but also with carefully toning the muscles due to higher strength levels being utilized. Once the inclined intervals are entirely accustomed to a user, he/she should merge speed variations inclined programs for fully optimizing fat elimination.

The Convenience of Easy Utilization

treadmills are user friendly

Runners whom of which have treadmills within the vicinity of their homes can effectively utilize their machines or schedule a fitness workout whenever they please, unlike in Spas or gyms. While speed intervals along with incline levels all work together with maximizing fat loss; however, it is also essential to take into consideration that a more extended period workout session will burn a 50% enhanced calorie collection within the anatomy. A treadmill at home can offer buyers/users the chance of utilizing the treadmill whenever they please.

Being categorized as the Rolls Royce of cardio affiliated workout machines, the treadmill is among the most popular form of incorporating daily workout sessions, particularly for the purpose of losing weight. Therefore, for those on whom wondering where to get their summer body, without having to spend thousands upon gym memberships and spa visits, should opt for purchasing a reliable treadmill, to be one step closer to enjoying their new fitness regime.

Good luck with your weight-loss journey!

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