Are you tired of drooling for Instagram health and fitness models? Have you had enough of trying to hide away excessive fat during the summer season? Have you run out of clothes that may otherwise aid shed off a few pounds from your overall outlook? If so is the case, then my friend, you have come to the right place. Unless you wish to spend thousands of dollars going under the knife to get a sculpted body via plastic surgery, the process of getting that chiselled summer body takes stamina, constant hard work and most importantly, sheer motivation regularly.

Talking via my own experience and of those I have observed around, many of those whom of which start of their journey to a healthier, leaner body often abandon their goal halfway due to lack of motivation. Regardless of whether it’s a busy routine you have to take out time from or the need to beat sheer laziness, a regular dosage of motivation for attaining your preset goal is required, particularly every time the thoughts of quitting enter the mind.

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According to Times Of India, Cardio offered via daily utilization of the treadmill is the most accessible, most convenient form of not only losing weight but also for maintaining the newly lost weight. To attain the best results via the treadmill that target weight-loss around the abdominal, the legs as well as the arms, it is essential to initially understand the dynamics of which workout best suits your body type. Speed intervals varying from low-to-high levels of sprinting, vice versa, have been categorized time and again, as being among the best of their kind in fully optimizing the number of calories being burnt.

Whether you have newly joined the gym or bought yourself a brand new treadmill if it is ways you are seeking to help you keep on running on that treadmill to be slightly closer to your goal, then, keep on reading my friend carefully. In this post, I intend on comprehensively discussing nine highly effective ways to stay motivated while running on a treadmill. Are you ready?

Let’s get right into it then, shall we!

1. Entertainment on the Run

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Running on the treadmill now no longer has to be a boring or an arduous task, whether at home or even at the gym. Being bored while utilizing a fitness machine, also if it is a treadmill, can often lead to demotivation, as a result of which your personal fitness goals can suffer much.

Keeping the mind occupied during a workout session is an excellent form of not only stimulating self-motivation but also effectively carrying out longer intervals of workout sessions. In the ever dynamic work schedules of the 20th century, if you are at a crossroads for having to choose between watching the newest episode of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ or your favorite drama/reality series and working out in the gym, then my friend, instead of choosing either of the two, why not choose both.

All you need to enjoy your favorite TV shows on the run is a stable internet connection as well as a decent sized smart tab and last, but not the least, high-quality headphones, preferably Bluetooth connection based headsets. According to studies released, the phenomena of Temptation Bundling where the treadmill during a workout routine is utilized featuring a side activity that may entice the aspect of entertainment for the user can significantly enhance motivation levels for working out.

2. Make Your Social Calls

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Another highly effective activity which can be carried out while utilizing the treadmill, which will not only increases motivation levels for continuing the workout but at the same time helps the workout time-period pass by without feeling too physically exhausted is by talking on the phone. In our busy scheduled lives, it is quite often that we find ourselves trying to delegate time slots for catching up with old friends, keeping a check on our loved ones or for to keep our parents updated with our lives.

For those fully dedicated to their treadmill workouts, often end up multitasking by placing the treadmill on a steady running mode, and make the best of their Bluetooth headsets while catching up with old acquaintances on call.

3. Let The Audio Help

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If in case you have no one to catch up with via calls or no seasons you have been missing out on, then the next best thing to keep you fully occupied and sufficiently motivated to stay on the treadmill running is your preferred choice of audio.

Walking, jogging, or even sprinting with only your thoughts counting down the number of minutes and seconds left till your treadmill workout ends, can lead to a severe level of demotivation being felt. So get your Bluetooth based headsets ready, along with your preferred choice of workout music whether it may be rap, hip hop or even rock, and if you are not in the mood for music, then your next best bet should be a motivational based podcast.

Either way, whether it is fast beat paced music you opt for, or a Dwayne Johnson motivational podcast, let the audio keep you going fully occupied on the treadmill for longer intervals.

4. Take a Friend Along

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If taking to a friend via call is not enough to keep you motivated, then go a step further and bring along your friend to work out side by side with you. Working out in pairs, or even in a group helps provide you with a constant source of motivation.

In case one group member falls short of the motivation to complete their treadmill workout session, others are always their side by side, to ensure that quitting in the world of health and fitness is not an option, particularly when on a quest to get the perfect summer body ready.

5. Let the App Motivate You

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As technology progresses, newer and more innovative forms of automation have been introduced to the world in the way of smart applications. The world of health and fitness has been no stranger to such introductions. In today’s date, users can easily find themselves fitness applications which not only are either completely free, or are highly reasonable, but also offer coaching services including keeping analysis of workout timings and affiliated details.

Virtual coaching provided via such fitness smart applications aid with suggesting the ideal workout sessions which will best suit your customized details, each aspect such as the workout intervals, timings, speeds and endurance levels are preset to fit your personally set goals best. Following the process of suggesting the ideal treadmill workout routine for each user, some applications further go a step ahead by assisting users virtually via motivational talks during the session to optimize motivation levels.

6. Splitting Sessions

Another excellent form to prevent demotivation is to split up the aggregate workout time-period for avoiding exhaustion. Particularly for users whom of which are relatively new to the world of extensively working out via a treadmill, and cannot bear more than an hour on the fitness machine itself can break up their aggregate workout period into two intervals.

The purpose of breaking up the overall workout experience not only helps with giving each new user a break from completely demotivating themselves via working out for two hours straight but further eventually helps them achieve their preset daily workout goal much quicker.

7. Keep Steady Form

An incorrect posture while working out over the treadmill can play a significant role in exhausting human anatomy; therefore, causing a higher level of demotivation. Making sure that the centre of gravity remains constant and that the body is not placed through any extra movements such as extended arm swings is essential to retain as much energy as a user possibly can to allow for longer workout sessions.

8. Staying Cool

Environments that may cause discomfort to the anatomy can significantly stimulate feelings of demotivation. The human anatomy heating up excessively due to a warm atmosphere in the surrounding diameter can be among the core most demotivating factors which may lead users to abandon their treadmill workout session mid-way.

Ensuring that the surrounding environment stays cold and the body is fully hydrated is essential to not only stay motivated with running continuously but also for significantly increasing stamina.

9. Keeping the Correct Mindset

What matters most is how badly you strive to want a leaner, thinner body. A fully dedicated psychological mindset is the essential most component in keeping yourself entirely motivated with effectively carrying out your preset treadmill workout session. Higher the level of dedication incorporated psychologically in attaining the ideal summer body; is inversely proportional to demotivation levels. In simpler words, the more dedicated you are, the more motivated you will be to achieve your ideal fitness body successfully.

So stay motivated, and good luck with your fitness goals!

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