With the ever dynamic technology of the world, as well as the constant popularity of treadmills within the global market sphere, the treadmills market is now overly populated with varying manufacturer brands, each of which has the motto of delivering total reliance merged with effectiveness.

In this confusing world of never-ending treadmill manufacturers, the decision of actually purchasing a treadmill can become quite arduous if you already are not aware of the most reliable treadmill brands. With every new manufacturer promising utmost reliability and effectiveness while advertising, if you are confused by which brand to believe then keep on reading my friend!

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This post is entirely dedicated to exploring the popular most treadmill brands available within the United States market sphere. When it comes to reliable or trustworthy treadmill brands, many components need to be kept into consideration aside from the general appearance and the overall price.

Regardless of whether you may be a PRO in the world of treadmills or even are an amateur, this post will help you get to know more about not only the components required before purchasing a treadmill but also the best treadmill brands in the USA.

Let’s get to the point, then shall we!


Since the treadmill is a fully mechanical machine, it is entirely essential to be aware of what is under the hood of the device itself, just like in the form of cars. The incorporated horsepower is a vital element, which needs to be taken into consideration to be able to understand the functioning of the selected treadmill fully.

A 1.5 motor integrated horsepower is capable enough to accommodate the needs of a majority of the treadmill users; although, a 1.5 is the bare minimum power offered. Higher the horsepower motor rates extended, more advanced will the workout speed sessions be provided by the treadmill.

The motor horsepower capabilities are directly proportional to the price range of the treadmill model being offered via manufacturers. Users whom of which are moderately sized, in search of a treadmill that caters to walking, jogging and continuous sprinting intervals should opt for 2.5-3.0 motor horsepower. Whereas, users of which carry a significant amount of body weight are recommended to purchase treadmills integrated with 3.0 or more.

Applications and Additional features offered

In today’s ever dynamic world of technology, the newest treadmill models now have the integrated technology of allowing the fitness machine to connect to fitness based or affiliated smart applications. Fitness applications incorporated inside treadmill workout technology not only allow users the ability to be guided by professionals in the industry but also help with optimizing motivation levels. Already preset applications include but are not entirely limited to iFit, automatically preset treadmill workouts, monitors allowing heartbeat analysis during workouts as well as LCD screens for allowing to play video.

Warranty Offered

Warranty is another prominent component which needs to be taken into consideration when trying to analyze a particular treadmill manufacturer. It is merely common sense to figure out that a well made, high-quality model will feature a more extended warranty life. Many treadmills I have come across can offer lifetime worth warranty on the frame, 25 years warranty for the motor. While anything below the ten years protection range should be analyzed carefully before any purchases.

Individual components such as labour for treadmills is offered a comparatively lesser number of warranty years such as not more than two years, while Electronic elements of the treadmill are protected via a usual five years worth of warranty by high-quality manufacturers.

Now that you are fully aware of the components that go into analyzing treadmill brands and manufacturers let’s move on to discussing some of the top treadmill brands in the USA. Keep on reading!

1. Cybex International

cybex international
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Among the leading most brand not only within the territorial boundaries of the USA but also in the United Kingdom; Cybex International has made its place in the leading preferred treadmill brands among the population. Cybex International is well known for an array of health and fitness affiliated products, not only treadmills. Some of their products include but are not wholly exclusive to strength training fitness machines as well as an extensive line of Cardiovascular based training fitness machines.

Due to the sheer high-quality manufacturing involved in putting together the treadmills, those manufactured under Cybex International are relatively more towards the pricey budget. A diverse set of warranties are offered via the Cybex International, each of which is categorized between residential as well as commercial types. The Cybex International steps up their game when in comparison to other manufacturers around with the help of their highly environmental friendly water along with recycling policies to be able to appeal to the targeted audience fully.

Whereas, a set standard for customer servicing consistently delivered via the Cybex International for remaining manufacturers to follow, featuring user-friendly and highly accommodating phone operators readily available throughout the UK and USA.

2. Woodway

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Woodway, similar to Cybex International, is extremely high-end health and fitness equipment affiliated manufacturer with its top manufactured contenders in the market being their highly advanced, optimal quality treadmills. Due to the extremely high quality integrated within the manufacturing of Woodway treadmills, allows it to stay intact even following continuous utilization for generations when used in a home setting.

Ideal for all kinds of settings, Woodway manufacturers appeals to not only spas, gyms and health clubs but among the most often customers also include hospitals as well as commercial wholesalers. The famous Woodway treadmills are manufactured in the USA, Japan and factories in Germany while the main headquarters for the brand itself is located in Wisconsin, USA.

The most highlighting feature of the Woodway treadmills is the incredibly advanced; yet, reliable tread tacks which unlike other manufacturers in the market, can last up to functioning for a sheer aggregate of 150,000 miles before requiring any form or replacement. Depending upon the preferred model, usual Woodway treadmill tracks do not exceed  22″ x 68″, allowing users utmost convenience and comfort with carrying out their natural body movement along with motions without any disruptions.

One of the models released via the Woodway under the label of ‘The Curve’ when released, attracted a significant amount of attention via the public population. Its entirely innovative curved structure functions via the motion-based body weight of each user rather than any motor integrated inside. The absence of a powerful engine allows for a stimulated level of calorie burn to take place as a result of enhanced body pressure being placed upon the track to get it functional.

For catering a higher level of the audience, Woodway treadmills are manufactured under specific categories, for effectively appealing to a particular niche, e.g. treadmills featuring the ability to carry out high-intensity workout sessions continuously will best cater to runners or athletes search for optimizing endurance levels. Customization is further an appealing element Woodway offers prospective treadmill buyers where each model can be altered as per the request of the buyer to maximize effectiveness fully.

3. Octane Fitness

octane fitness
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Octane fitness is a treadmill manufacturer which appeals significantly to those prospective buyers whom of which are worrisome about their joint tendons or lower legs being adversely impacted via regular workouts.

Octane Fitness pays a significant amount of emphasis upon manufacturing treadmills that deliver zero-shock impact upon trainers. Whether a user may utilize an Octane Fitness manufactured treadmill for walking, jogging or even sprinting, the built mechanism of each of their made treadmills guarantees zero strain or compression being placed upon the legs of users. Ideally targeting physical recovery and healing, Octane Fitness manufactured treadmills offer professional endurance building workout routines, physical rehabilitative programs as well as an array of many more specialized workout sessions.

To keep their models fully updated with the latest trends and upgrades, the Octane Fitness manufactured treadmills have Bluetooth technology integrated within, along with a connection to fitness applications to provide fitness guidance and motivation.

4. Precor

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Precor within this list of treadmill manufacturers is among the oldest of them all. Previously known as ‘Prevision Corporation’ the entire health and fitness industry was entirely revolutionized via the introduction of fully cushioned tread tracks on treadmills to optimize physical well-being and health.

Precor most dominating advancement was introducing electrical based fitness machines and equipment to the world, following which, the world of health and fitness never stayed the same. Run via Amer Sports, Precor was the very first company during its early years to bring forward fitness machines which run upon an electrical supply, a concept during that era which seemed highly odd; nevertheless, picked up much popularity.

With its headquarters in Washington State, Precor has two different treadmill lines dedicated to their Energy Series, the Precision Series as well as their Residential series each. Due to the sheer advanced technology and quality integrated into each treadmill, the average price range, therefore, is relatively higher for treadmills manufactured by Precor than those produced under competitive manufacturers in the market sphere. The average price range, thus, initiates from $2,199 and goes all the way till a whopping $6000.

While some premium highly advanced, fully equipped treadmill models such as the TRM811 or the TRM 835 can cost a significant amount of $7,395 as well as $8,495; therefore Precor is a manufacturer I would recommend to prospective employers with a higher price budget.

Featuring not only varying functional features, but also an array of differing price ranges, each of the above-reviewed brands is among the most preferred treadmill brands within the US market. Thus, if it is a reliable treadmill you are in search of, then opting for one manufactured under any of the brands mentioned above, is highly recommended.

So good luck with your final purchase!

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