According to many sources, utilizing the treadmill on a constant pace of 5 miles per hour for an aggregate of 30 minutes can help burn off a whopping 240 calories for an average human body. Users those of whom belong from a relatively large body type, can burn up to 355 calories when running on a 5 miles per hour pace for merely half an hour. With the facts mentioned above, it’s easy to consider the treadmill as the optimal most form of weight loss, that too at a full body level.

Being an excellent form of full-body cardio, treadmills target not only the legs but also the arms and abdominals of users, ensuring weight-loss for a leaner more toned body shape.

Thus, if it is your summer body you are in search of, then a great treadmill workout is what I would best recommend. If; however, you are unsure of the kind of workout routine to opt for, to adequately stimulate weight loss that too as a part of your morning routine, then my friend, you have come to the right place.

treadmill workouts

Working out during the mornings offer an array of benefits to the human body, the most important of which is the ability to burn a higher number of calories than when working out at any other time of the day.

According to the British Journal, carrying out a sufficient treadmill workout session on a relatively empty stomach, early morning helps burn double the number of calories in comparison to when working out with a fuller tummy. With that said, if it’s workout routines you have come looking for, then this is the perfect place for you. Within this post alone, I will be pointing out an aggregate of 10 different; yet, a highly effective treadmill based morning workout routines to help you reach your weight loss goal a lot more effectively.

Without any further adieu, let’s get straight to the point.

Interval Training for Optimized Weight Loss

interval training for optimized weight loss

As complicated as it may sound, interval training is actually among the most popular form of treadmill workout utilized within fitness sessions to fully optimize fat burn. In more straightforward works, Interval training refers to continuously switching between varying intensity workout sessions. Most often individuals utilizing interval training alternates from high-intensity speed workouts to low-intensity speed workouts with the ultimate aim of burning calories at a higher pace than with usual training.

Caution does need to be taken with the regularity of interval training as incorporating it daily could lead to adverse effects upon the body. The recommended frequency gives the allowance of at least two days worth of rest for the anatomy muscles and tendons to fully heal as well as grow.

Each of the 10 workout sessions has integrated within a certain level of Interval Training for ensuring maximum cost-effectiveness, and by now if you still are not entirely convinced with the benefits that Interval training has to offer, then the below-mentioned components will be sure to satisfy you fully.

Faster Metabolism

faster metabolism

Interval training helps adequately stimulate the metabolism rate of the body; therefore, burning body fuel even when the body is not in its workout mode. Working out switching between high-intensity to low-intensity sessions, particularly on a treadmill helps with enhancing the levels of catecholamine within the anatomy following exercise, allowing for it to stay increased for several days to come.

When the workout mode of anatomy comes into being following a warm-up session, the levels of glycogen within muscles will eventually run low, following which, the muscles revert to burning fat storage throughout the workout session.

Calorie Burn at an Inclined level

cardio burn at an inclined level

The main reason behind why Interval training via a treadmill is known for the sheer amount of calories it helps burn is because it allows each user utmost control over not only the speed levels but also the levels of inclined slope. Faster the body is made to run, higher the levels of energy is utilized; therefore, allowing for a higher rate of fat burn to take place. An inclined stance, also has a similar effect, the higher the incline, increased is the amount of resistance; thus, using up an enhanced level of body energy which fully stimulates the percentage of calories being burnt.

Merely walking on the treadmill at a speed rate of 2mph that too for 20 minutes on a set inclined slope of 20% can burn off an estimated 236 calories from the human anatomy while walking at the same speed rate and at the same time without the incline can help burn only 74 calories.

Enhanced Stamina

enhanced stamina

Interval training is an excellent form of thoroughly improving the stamina, particularly for professional runners in the industry. Always alternating between speed levels fully allows users to be able to stimulate their endurance levels as a result of which their training, aerobic and running capacities can optimally expand.

Higher the stamina allows for relatively extended levels of workout sessions to take place, resulting in more calories being burnt. Not only will increase physical stamina help with the process of weight loss but can be significantly helpful even in daily life circumstances whether it involves catching the bus, a labour intensive routine or running after your children.

Among interval training, you can easily opt for any of the 10 highly intensive treadmill workouts enlisted below, to be one step closer to your ideal summer body.

Best Treadmill Workouts

best treadmill workouts

1. Generic Interval Workout

  • Warm up as you usually do.
  • Utilize interval training dedicating 5-minutes to each speed and incline level, throughout the workout session, keep on steadily increasing the levels of incline by 1% each.
  • Initiate the speed levels from 2.8mph, following 5 minutes drop the speed down to 2.4, following the time interval and then increase the speed levels to 2.9 for creating an alternating range.
  • Repeat the interval three times before your body is entirely able to handle higher mph levels with an increased slope.

2. Workout for Runners

  • Initiate the session by working out to warm up.
  • Continuously switch between dedicating 5 minutes to walking at a pace where you are easily able to talk and converse with others and then allow 2 minutes to jog at a rapid pace where even speaking a full sentence may seem impossible.
  • Hop off the treadmill following each interval, carrying out 3 minutes of intensive abdominal exercises.
  • Get back onto the treadmill and repeat the set sequence five times.

3. Hike Lovers Workout

  • Start the workout as you normally would.
  • Switch up the incline to 2% at a rapid pace, which would make it challenging to keep up a smooth conversation.
  • With the treadmill set to a period of 40-minutes, gradually increase the incline levels to 6%, while steadily decreasing the speed levels.
  • In between, when the body feels exhausted during the hike like workout, lower down the incline at a gradual pace to give the body a break.

4. Hike Lovers Workout 2.0

An upgrade from the hiking as mentioned above workout routine, this is a relatively more intense workout session for those who have already perfected the ‘Hike Lovers Workout’.

  • Carry out the Hike Lovers workout for 5 minutes, at a relatively steep inclined state
  • Once exhausted, instead of reducing the incline, get off the treadmill for 3 minutes to carry out either abdominal concentrated workout exercises or those targeting arm strength
  • Get back onto the treadmill following the 3 minutes break to deviate from monotony, and repeat the interval 5-7 times.

5. Fartlek Intervals

Fartlek integrates an element of entertainment within usually monotonous treadmill workout sessions, the user is supposed to pick a sound, a name or even a character, and every time the chosen element comes forth, the user has to follow the ahead mentioned routine:

  • Increase the speed of the treadmill until they are fully sprinting for 15-20 seconds.
  • Reduced the pace of the sprint until they are at a moderate jog for 20 seconds.
  • Continue with the usual workout until the chosen element arises next.

This will keep you focused and somewhat entertained while you work your way through a show or playlist.

6. Yoga Intervals

  • Yoga Intervals allows Yoga lovers to be able to spice up their treadmill workout sessions.
  • Warm up the body as you usually would.
  • For 7-10 minutes run or jog on the treadmill at a moderate endurance pace
  • Once the 7-10 minutes of running is done, get off the treadmill to carry out 3-5 minutes of your favourite Yoga poses, whether targeting the Vertebrae or the abdominals.
  • Get back onto the treadmill and repeat the sequence 5-6 times.

7. Cardio 2.0

  • Warm up the body as you normally would.
  • Carry out a moderately paced jog on the treadmill with your preferred; yet, minimal in incline, workout session for an estimated 7-10 minutes.
  • Once the 10 minutes is done, get off the treadmill for 3 minutes to carry out a moderate intensity cardio session featuring jumping jacks, burpees and affiliated exercises.
  • Following the 3 minutes, get back onto the treadmill and carry out intervals of the mentioned sequence 5-6 times.

8. Shoulder Intervals

  • Warm up.
  • Carry out a moderate jogging session on the treadmill for a set period of 10 minutes.
  • Following the 10 minutes workout, step off the treadmill for 3 minutes to carry out shoulder exercises such as bicep curls and shoulder presses.
  • Once the 3 minutes are over, step onto the treadmill once again and repeat the intervals five times.

9. Power Workout

  • Walk or jog for the initial 5 minutes to warm up fully.
  • Carry out a moderate jog for one whole minute at a steady pace.
  • Increase speed levels until you are sprinting and continue to sprint for 1 minute.
  • Repeat the speed intervals 7-8 times before you take a 5 minutes break from the treadmill itself.

10. Strength Session

  1. Warm up like you usually would.
  2. Select a steady pace to walk on and increase the incline to 1%.
  3. Following 3 minutes, at the same speed pace, level up the slope to 2%.
  4. Maintain 2% for a whole minute and then take back slope to 1% again while continuing for an additional 1 minute.
  5. Pace up the incline this time to 3% for 1 minute, continue the intervals between 1% incline for one minute following a higher levelled slope for another 1 minute. After 8-9 reps, take a break from the treadmill.

Once you have fully excelled at carrying out the above-enlisted workout sessions, moving on to more professional fitness sessions while on the treadmill is the next step to not only achieving but also fully maintaining your new summer body.

Good luck and Stay Motivated!

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