My name is Tony Lee, a 33-year old, fitness trainer with education specialization in health & nutrition. I’m a single father to a beautiful princess and an experienced fitness coach.

My expertise includes providing guidance featuring a mix of yoga, wellness, and fitness routines to attain a perfectly toned lean body, regardless of my client’s body type.

I practice what I preach. Whether its yoga in the mornings to hardcore workouts on my at-home gym equipment during the nights, a fitness-intensive routine is what keeps me fully robust, ready to take on the world.

In today’s age, a sheer aggregate of nearly 160 million Americans are categorized as being obese according to statistics released via the Health Department. In simpler words, this means an estimated almost 3/4th of the male American population consists of obese men.

Ever since my late teenage years following a traumatizing childhood of being bullied and picked on, I assured myself I would never again allow that type of unhealthy living, featuring weak anatomy, as I entered my early adulthood years.

Once I fully committed myself to the world of health and fitness, I never looked back. There were days when laziness and procrastination did try its best to take over, but the secret to defeating such feelings is remembering the very fundamental reason why I started my fitness regime. I hope this site helps you as well.

Whether it is yoga wellness, DIY workouts at home, the best weight loss supplements, extensive gym routines, or anything remotely affiliated with fitness, I assure you, I have tried it all.

I am proud to have achieved the level of knowledge where I can differentiate the false fitness myths to real health knowledge. So, in case you do not wish to see yourself on the same bandwagon as the 160 million obese Americans of today’s population, then you are definitely in luck.

I genuinely believe in sharing knowledge as being the contemporary form of charity and doing well in the fitness community, particularly in this digitized world.

Fitgenic is my contribution to the health industry through my passion in all areas of health and nutrition.

If it is a leaner, healthier, and toned body you are seeking, then this website of mine can serve the purpose of being a medium to stimulate you with achieving your goal relatively quicker.

Make sure to bookmark this site for all the new posts and updates on the latest of whatever is going on in the ever dynamic world of health & fitness.