Tony Lee, MS, RD, Author at Fitgenic

Tony Lee, MS, RD

Tony Lee, RD, MS, is a highly qualified and accomplished Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Sciences. Tony brings over two decades of experience in dietetics, specializing in sports nutrition. Interests include studying all aspects of wellness, fitness, genetics, and peak health performance.

Most beneficial mushrooms

The Most Popular Mushrooms - What are the Health Benefits?

Mushrooms have been used for centuries to prolong life and heal physical and mental wounds. Let's explore fungi's powerful benefits.

Core exercises

Best Core Exercises For Power

Core muscles are critical to your overall strength and continued progress in the gym. These vital muscles stabilize and protect your body.

Elliptical machine workout

What Muscles Does an Elliptical Machine Work?

Getting the most out of your workout is key. The elliptical might just be the best fitness machine for a total muscle workout.

Anti aging supplement

Comprehensive Guide to NAD+ Cellular Repair & Anti-Aging Supplements

The quest for anti-aging and optimal health is a journey many of us are eager to embark upon. With medical science, the spotlight has increasingly turned toward cellular health.

Strength training vs bodybuilding

Strength Training vs. Bodybuilding

Strength training and bodybuilding are often viewed as the same by those who don’t lift. What is the difference, and which is right for you?

Iron deficiency

5 Common Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

Five of the most common Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency to uncover why you might not be feeling well.

Sacral chakra yoga poses

Yoga Poses for the Sacral Chakra – Clear Energy and Restore

When energy becomes blocked in the sacral chakra, it can lead to an imbalance that can manifest physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Hot yoga

When Are You Ready for Hot Yoga?

There are many things to consider if you're ready for hot yoga. This checklist will help in letting you know how close you are!

Best keto supplements

4 Best Keto Supplements To Take For Optimal Results

The keto diet (WOE) can be difficult to navigate without the proper supplements. We reviewed the top supplements for optimal benefits.

Brown rice vs white rice

Brown Rice vs White Rice, What’s the Difference?

Both types of rice have unique health benefits and different nutritional profiles.

Powerlifting vs weightlifting

Powerlifting vs. Weightlifting - What’s the difference?

To most people, both sports kind of blend into one. They lift heavy plates and barbells, right? Not exactly.

Elliptical machine tips

7 Tips to Help You Shed More Pounds on an Elliptical

Are workouts on an elliptical machine going to burn more calories and help you lose weight compared to other cardio equipment?

Magnesium supplement

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Taking Magnesium Supplements

Used in over 300 biochemical reactions throughout the body, magnesium is a "super supplement" with many amazing health benefits.

Vegan vs carnivore

How Becoming Vegan Almost Killed Me!

A relatively short summary of my experience with a plant-based diet, medical issues, and how I migrated to an animal-based diet.

Resistance bands exercise

4 Top Rated Resistance Bands For Your Home Gym

If you're looking for an effective and gentle alternative to weights, resistance bands are for you. Our review guide covers the best available options.

Foods avoid toned abs

5 Foods You Must Avoid if You Want Flat Abs!

We all want toned abs. But are there foods that should be avoided? Yes, the research is clear on healthy alternatives.

Muscle pump vascular nitric oxide

Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Good for Weight Lifting?

Do nitric oxide supplements help with weight lifting? What about muscle growth and recovery? Other benefits Nitric Oxide can help with?

Running proper breathing

How Do You Breathe Properly When Running for Maximum Efficiency?

Breathing correctly while running has many fitness benefits. Maximize your fitness levels through breath control and specific exercises.

Home gym benefits

Is Having a Home Gym a Good Idea? What are the Pros and Cons?

Deciding between a home gym and a typical big-chain gym will depend on your needs. Let's explore the pros and cons of each.

Steak with asparagus

Paleo vs. Keto: A Simple Guide - Which is Right For You?

Both keto and paleo are phenomenal ways of eating for your health -- this article helps to simply the differences between these nutritional styles.