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Tony Lee, MS, RD

Tony Lee, RD, MS, is a highly qualified and accomplished Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Sciences. Tony brings over two decades of experience in dietetics, specializing in sports nutrition. Interests include studying all aspects of wellness, fitness, genetics, and peak health performance.

Yoga lotus flower

What does yoga literally mean? Is it a personal experience or much more?

There's a lot to unpack with the meaning of Yoga. However, what does yoga mean? Is the definition universal, or is yoga a personal experience?

Running vs jogging

Is Running or Jogging Better? Which Has the Most Benefits?

There are many benefits to both running and jogging, as we all know. But is there a difference between the two? Which one is better for health?

Workout fasted state

Is it Safe to Workout During a Fasted State?

With intermittent fasting so popular, what does the data say about working out in a fasted state? Is it safe for all, or are there things to consider?

Best yoga ball

8 Best Yoga Balls Reviewed for Home Gym & Physical Therapy

From gym studios to physical therapist offices and even classrooms, yoga balls have increasingly become a staple. The best yoga ball options are reviewed below for your consideration.

Recumbent exercise bike benefits

What are the Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bikes?

Besides increasing cardiovascular health, there are many additional benefits to using a recumbent exercise bike, especially for strengthening an injury.

Starting fitness routine

How Do I Start a Fitness Training Routine?

Sometimes, learning how to get started is the most challenging part. Here are some fitness tips to get you going with a fitness training routine.

Smiling happy mood

Benefits & Side Effects of Using 5-HTP

So, you're thinking of taking 5-HTP? This adaptogen has many benefits and is worth taking a closer look to help with mood and much more.

Brain fog tired

What Natural Supplements Help with Brain Fog and Mental Fatigue?

Whether stress, insomnia, or being immune deficient, having brain fog is a sure sign that something is not right in your body. Research shows, the supplements mentioned here can have a significant…

Treadmill running benefits

Running Benefits: What Muscles Does the Treadmill Work?

We know the treadmill is one of the best fitness machines available. But, are there specific core treadmill-building muscles besides the heart?

Upright vs recumbent bicycles

Upright vs. Recumbent Bicycles - Which is Better?

Exercise professionals in both camps have continued supporting the benefits of upright and recumbent bikes. Does one have benefits over the other?

Home gym reviews

7 Top Rates Home Gyms For Full-Body Workouts and Increased Strength

Choosing a home gym can be daunting. We've narrowed down the options. This review buying guide has the best picks from compact to complete and gym-quality.

Supine Twist Yoga Supta Matsyendrasana

How Often Should a Beginner Do Yoga?

As a beginner, starting a yoga practice can be difficult. There are many questions, and this article on beginner yoga helps to address many common ones.

Best exercise bikes

Top 4 Exercise Bikes for Your Home to Get Effective Cardio Workouts

Exercise bikes are a staple to any home gym. This complete review provides the best options for stationary, recumbent, and fan bikes.

How to build strong calf muscles

How to Build Calf Muscles for Size and Strength

Having strong calf muscles is beneficial for all sports. But, how do you work them out for size and strength? By knowing the best ways to target calves!

Running benefits outside

Running Benefits: What Does Running Do to Your Body?

What does running do for your body? Research shows there are many benefits to running. Which benefits are accurate, and what does the data show?

Home gym

Are Home Gyms Effective? What Should You Consider

There are many advantages to having a home gym. Are there any downsides? Let's explore how to maximize the efforts and benefits of a home gym.

Yoga savasana stress anxiety

Is Yoga Good for Anxiety? Diving Into the Research & Additional Considerations

Is there proof that yoga helps with anxiety? What are some helpful poses and advice when considering yoga as a possible solution?

Testosterone hurting foods

Which Foods Hurt Testosterone the Most?

If you are worried that your testosterone levels are a bit low, you might want to consider some foods contributing to low T and need to go!

Best percussion massager gun

Top 5 Percussion Massage Guns to Ease Muscle Pain

Whether you're looking to soothe muscles, help with pain, or offset the costs of physical therapy, these are the top percussion massage guns we reviewed.

Yoga strength

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Build Strength in Your Core

With all the many benefits of yoga, increasing core strength is at the top of the list. These top 5 yoga core exercises are sure to help!