Ever since treadmills took the fitness market sphere by storm, one particular debate picked up much heat and is still a hot topic among fitness routine followers all across the globe. What debate may that be? And, why is it still relevant is what you would probably be wondering? Well, my friend, it revolves around the aspect of whether there is a difference between running on a treadmill and running outside.

running outside
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Although naturally, a layperson would believe that a higher population of individuals would opt for running outdoors, within the vicinity of nature than utilizing treadmills; however, statistics  show that an aggregate of 52.97 million American population used treadmills in the year 2017.

Differences between opting for running outdoors in comparison to running on a treadmill are prevalent, regardless of how minute they may be. To be able to grasp a better understanding of the contrast between the two varying forms of running, I think it is best to begin from the components further discussed ahead, so keep on reading because we are about to go on an informative ride!


treadmill is convenient

The primary most comfort treadmills offer its users is the ability to work out whenever they desire, along with however many numerous times they wish to workout for attaining optimal health and fitness results.

When a treadmill is placed within the vicinity of the buyers home, he/she can significantly benefit from the comfort of having easy access, that too 24/7. Running outdoors or going to the gym; however, may cause discomfort in cases where the jogging track may be far off; therefore, using up a substantial amount of fuel along with time, daily just for commuting to the gym and back home, regularly.

Stable Surface

treadmill has stable surface

The most significant difference between running on a treadmill and outdoors, or in nature is the surface upon which the feet land. Running on a treadmill offers each user the advantage of minimizing any adverse strain that may be placed upon the ankles or legs with the help of a consistently smooth surface.

While on the other hand, going for a jog outdoors often tends to expose the feet of users to uneven, relatively rough surfaces, which may lead to compressed nerves as a result of trapped strain within the muscles due to imbalanced pressure being placed with every step.

Not only do smooth surfaces aid with alleviating any previously trapped tension within muscles, but also help maintain healthy joints via carrying out a balanced running activity. Healthier joints, as a result, can lead to runners having lesser chances of developing degenerative bone ailments such as Osteoporosis or even Arthritis.

Fitness Away from Home

running outdoor

Now I am going to switch to discussing the core most advantage or an edge running outdoors has over utilizing a treadmill, and it comes in the form of being able to work out even when out of town. Treadmills are massive machines, each of which requires disassembly, to be able to move from one place to another without any additional help, due to which buyers may tend to skip their Cardio workout routine for the sake of not having access when travelling out of town.

Running outdoors, in such cases, excel in offering optimal convenience and ease to users by allowing them to run/jog wherever they wish, regardless of their geographical location. The hassle of scoring a gym membership for utilizing the treadmill can effectively be avoided by opting to go for a Cardio-based workout session outdoors.

Specialized Massage Programs

treadmills have specialized massage programs

Regardless of whether you intend on running for the sake of toning your anatomy, or to lose weight, expert guidance regarding the running routine which need to be followed is essential to attain effective results. Treadmills in this category take the prize, with the help of automatically preset; yet, highly specialized running programs already integrated inside the technological system.

Runners whom of which opt for outdoor sessions instead of the treadmill may face difficulties with trying to follow a running pattern which may help them in attaining the preset fitness goal. Professional help, via a fitness instructor, may at times be required, which can have a significant impact upon your financial affairs; therefore, can prove to be extremely inconvenient.

Controlled Environment

treadmills offer controlled environment

Since treadmills are most often placed within the vicinity of the buyer’s home, it helps users stay protected from several harsh elements, particularly those affiliated with nature such as extreme weathers. Running upon freshly set snow, during the severe winter mornings may even result in injuries for runners, due to wet pavement and roads. While, during the summer, the harsh UV rays can be avoided via staying indoors to work out on the treadmill.

Likewise, utilizing the treadmill for running purposes also optimizes user safety by being placed in a controlled, secure environment. Outdoors; however, elements of the public domain cannot be controlled, running in busy places may result in bumping into other individuals or even in severe cases, cars. According to researches, carried out, an aggregate of 6.2% to 50% of the population are subject to experience injury as a result of jogging, particularly outdoors.

The differences between Running on a Treadmill and Running Outside, although are highly significant; however, it is best advised to take into consideration that perception along with preferences vary from person to person. While some individuals may opt for outdoor running as a form of physical therapy, mainly when presented with a scenic view, others may feel entirely comfortable with running on a treadmill. Whichever of the two you choose, it is of the utmost importance to understand that a treadmill as well as running outdoors both have unique features which best suit individuals idiosyncratically; therefore should be chosen wisely.

Good luck with your fitness running regime!

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