Is it Worth Buying a Treadmill? 6 Benefits You Should Consider

Regardless of whether you are seeking weight loss, enhanced stamina, or even a more toned body, purchasing a reliable treadmill has many benefits.

Buying treadmill

A treadmill within the world of fitness and health is still considered the leading form of cardio equipment. Since all good things in today's world of ever-changing technology are relatively pricey, so is the case with treadmills.

Depending upon which brand or how updated of a version you have got your eyes set on for purchasing, the cost of purchasing a treadmill may vary significantly between the price tag of $300-$3000.

And, if you find yourself wondering whether buying a treadmill is worth the purchase, then you're in luck!

This post alone will help convince you to acknowledge the sheer number of reasons why buying a treadmill is worth it, mainly due to the sheer number of benefits it has to offer to the human anatomy.

Scoring the top position in the world of cardio, the treadmill is considered among the most favored fitness machines. This includes both gyms and personal home use.

During the year 2017 alone, the number of treadmill users within the United States amounted to an estimated 52.97 million, according to statistics released. Further statistics via the U.S Sports and Fitness Industry Association place the treadmill on top of the list of most popular fitness machines within the health and fitness industry.

Those statistics alone further strengthen the case of how purchasing a treadmill is definitely worth the price. However, in case you still are not entirely convinced, then keep on reading.

I will further discuss the significant benefits a treadmill has to offer users to help them decide whether purchasing a treadmill will be worth the price or not.

Let's get to the point then, shall we?

1. Cardiovascular Health

Jogging daily, or even sprinting periodically, is an excellent form of exercise for fully enhancing the overall well-being of the heart or, rather, the state of an individual's cardiovascular system.

The primary benefit is increased heart rate and blood circulation. We all know that.

cardiovascular running benefits

Higher blood circulation throughout the body results in an increased rate of oxygen flow to all the muscles in the body. This not only helps with significantly decreasing strain or tension trapped inside, but it also improves lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins in the body.

Regular treadmill workout sessions via increased heart rate further decrease harmful cholesterol levels within the body. This can be highly beneficial for those who are subject to heart diseases by preventing blockages in arteries. A heartbeat monitor can further help you keep a log during your workout session. Recording your heart rate and using wearable technology can be used to keep your well-being in check.

2. Weight Loss

Obesity is an epidemic and worsening. Using a treadmill is a great way to help in losing weight. So, if it's a leaner body you're seeking to show off this summer, then a treadmill should be your ultimate best friend.

weight loss benefits

Featuring the ability to burn off an estimated 100 calories per mile, the treadmill will help you build up the stamina to shed pounds by running several miles per workout session. You definitely want to start slow and check with your physician first. Walking might be a better place for you to start.

Mixing up the workout speed intensities between walking and sprinting can further stimulate a higher rate of fat burning to lose weight. Alternating levels of speed can effectively optimize the number of calories being burned.

3. Specialized Workout Fitness Programs

In case you are not aware of which fitness routine is best, then here's the next reason to own a treadmill.

Almost all treadmills available are integrated with preset workout options. Some are so advanced that they even offer help through a personal trainer directly on the screen, helping you attain optimal results.

With the help of specialized fitness sessions integrated into the treadmill, you can fully explore the benefits of professional workout routines in your home without having to hire a separate instructor to guide you.

4. Balanced Floor

Another advantage not often considered is the treadmill provides a smooth running surface for your feet to land upon, regardless of the incline or speed settings being utilized. Let's compare this with outdoor running.

treadmill balanced floor

Outdoor running may seem like a better option if you're looking to save money purchasing a treadmill. However, running outdoors does expose users to unique elements which may not be in their control. This includes the kind of surface you're running on, among many other things, such as exposure to vehicles or other pedestrians. The risk of injury is also much higher when running outside.

Treadmills feature shock absorption directly integrated into their running tracks to adequately protect the feet of users as well as decrease the chances of knee-affiliated injuries. A consistently controlled impact on your legs can help reduce any chances of users developing aches or pains due to degenerative bone ailments.

Finally, is the weather nice outside? It's always lovely on an indoor treadmill!

5. Controlled Speed

This kind of ties in with the others above but deserves a separate section. With merely a press of a button, you can adjust the speed to attain your desired fitness goal best. Switching between speed levels, aside from the usual weight loss, also helps with enhancing your overall physical workout stamina.

It seems obvious, but this feature allows for optimal control over your workout session. It's an essential component for professional runners since it will enable them the opportunity to work on sprint-start abilities.

A quicker, more firm sprint-start will allow runners the advantage of determining the course of their race; therefore, daily prolonged high-intensity workouts are an integral part of physical stamina building.

6. Muscular Development

Treadmill workout sessions, when utilized featuring variations between low-to-high intensity workout sessions, not only significantly help with weight loss but also aids in toning your muscles.

running muscular benefits

Contrary to popular belief, the treadmill does not only target muscle development and growth surrounding the legs but also helps tone the arms and even your abs. By simply flexing and contracting the abdominal muscles during a workout session, users can target weight loss and muscle growth around the abs.

There are also many other exercises you can do, such as side steps, to work fast-twitch muscles further. You can walk backward and find an unlimited amount of variations for muscle development while using a treadmill.

My Thoughts?

By now, the sheer number of advantages mentioned within this article must have convinced you of the many benefits of owning a treadmill. The most significant advantage, of course, is the ability to utilize it whenever and however many times it seems fit for you and your fitness goals.

Therefore, is it worth buying a treadmill? I would say definitely yes.

Regardless of whether you are seeking weight loss, enhanced stamina, or even a more toned body, purchasing a reliable treadmill is what I would suggest.

One significant aspect which does need to be kept in consideration is to ensure carrying out research on which treadmill models are the most effective and reliable within the industry.

Good luck with your fitness goals!