With the June/July summer hitting us all hard, are you eager to get your summer beach body ready to show off? Are you tired of being chubby or categorized as being overweight? If that is the case, then my friend, you need Cardio in your life as your new best friend. The American Federal Physical Activity Guideline has recommended an aggregate of 150-minutes work of physical activity or more, to optimize well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

However, according to recent reports via the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, only 23% of the American population barely meet their recommended physical activity per week guideline. Keeping into consideration your quest to shed off pounds from your body, along with the prior mentioned statistics, the most natural forms of losing weight is indulging in Cardio.

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Cardio is considered as among the top most preferred fitness regimes for effectively targeting the reduction of full body fat. Cardio targets full body fat without leaving any body parts behind, so if it is flatter abs you are seeking, or even toned legs, a reliable and consistent Cardio based workout routine is what I would wholeheartedly recommend.

In the world of choices, among the two top fitness machine contestants that offer Cardio to users, is the Treadmill and Elliptical. If you cannot seem to afford a gym membership which gives you exposure to workout on both of them daily and have to pick one out of the two for purchase purposes, then you, my friends have come to the right place. Within this post, I will extensively be discussing both the weight-loss benefits a Treadmill has to offer Vs an Elliptical, for you to decide which one will best suit your set weightless objectives more effectively.

Without any further delays, let’s get to the point then shall we, keep on reading!

Treadmill Advantages

1 – Utmost Control over Speed

A treadmill allows users to complete and absolute control over the speed intensity unless the user chooses an automatically preset workout setting. Each user has easy access to the control panel buttons, each of which is clearly defined via user-friendly vector images for easy understandability. Being highly versatile, a treadmill gives each user the allowance to set their desired workout speed, whether it may merely be a brisk walk or even a high-intensity sprint for maximum calorie burn.

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With the ability of alternating between incline levels to help mimic uphill and downhill movements, users can utilize the resistance caused to not only tone but also help develop muscle mass within the anatomy . Integrating the component of inclined running or walking; however, does require self-caution via users to be taken, a user can easily tilt into an imbalanced posture during an inclined treadmill workout session due to which, an additional strain may be placed upon the legs making them more prone to injuries.

It is essential for users to maintain a balanced posture throughout a treadmill workout session, particularly in a reclined stance to allow the muscles of the anatomy for maximizing resistance; therefore, fully toning the muscles.

2 – Mimics Natural Movements

Living within the world of ever dynamic technology, the fitness market sphere is filled with machines that not only look confusing but are highly arduous to use correctly even with the help of fitness trainers or instruction manuals. In this complicated world of fitness machines, the treadmill is undoubtedly among the most user-friendly and most uncomplicated to use. Although detailed user manuals are delivered alongside each purchased device, the treadmill simulates natural body movements to help enhance weight loss.

Regardless of whether an individual may utilize the treadmill for walking, jogging or even sprinting, at no point does the human body, embrace a form or an angle which may be foreign to natural movements. Even in an inclined stance for creating resistance to stimulate levels of weight loss, a treadmill positions users in a bodily posture which mimics going uphill or downhill; therefore, preventing from any adverse strain from being placed upon the Vertebrae or the legs of users.

3 – Additional Muscle Stimulation

Aside from merely helping users burn calories via alternating between jogging and sprinting speeds, a  treadmill can effectively be utilized for toning the muscles, including the legs as well as the abdominals. Via an inclined position, resistance is created, which takes a higher amount of body effort to carry out the workout session; therefore, optimizing muscle growth within the legs, particularly the calves of users.

Contrary to the belief that a treadmill can only help develop and tone the legs, users can significantly benefit from flexing their abdominal muscles while jogging or sprinting, for fully optimizing fat eradication surrounding the stomach as well as to carefully carve or tone the waistline for that ideal hourglass figure.

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Treadmill Disadvantages

1 – Safety concerns

For amateurs in particular, although manoeuvring the functioning of a massage chair can be an easy task; however, without professional help or adequate workout routine knowledge, adverse effects can be witnessed by users. Incline-based sprints, in particular, can be a challenge for users whom of which are relatively new to the realm of treadmill-based fitness routines, users can result in sprinting in an incorrect posture which as a result enhances the chances of injury to the knees or surrounding tendons.

2 – Heart Rate Analysis

Although almost all treadmills within the market industry offer the ability to record as well as analyze the heart rate of users; however, holding onto the heart rate sensors integrated within the treadmill handles can be quite an inconvenient challenge especially when jogging or sprinting.

Elliptical Advantages

elliptical machine

1 – Full Body Workout

The most significant advantage an Elliptical offers over a treadmill is its ability to engage both the legs along with the arms of each user. Movable handles incorporated in the Elliptical help exercise the upper body including the arms, and the waist of users via alternating pull and push motions; whereas, the calves and thighs are stimulated via upwards and downward swings.

2 – Resistance Rates

With newer, more upgraded models being released into the sphere of fitness machines, Ellipticals now further feature resistance levels for both the leg and arm handles, allowing the body to apply an additional amount of pressure during the workout. Enhanced strength being used via the body onto the machine not only multiples fat-loss but also works effortlessly with toning the full-body anatomy, particularly the Legs, abdominals along with the arms.

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Elliptical Disadvantages

1 – Inclined Resistance

The incline feature within an Elliptical is relatively new; therefore, not as readily available. More modern and advanced models which do; however, incorporate the inclined resistance levels are still not as effective as that of treadmills due to the presence of pedals.

2 – Lack Of Gravity

The Elliptical lacks a weight bearing effect due to the pedals being placed off the ground. A higher level of weight bearing upon the feet of users not only strengthens the bones along with the muscles of users but further helps fight degenerative bone ailments such as Osteoporosis.


The ultimate decision of which machine to opt for, in search of effective weight-loss still depends upon each user’s anatomy along with their medical health. For those of whom suffer from knee injuries, or related ailments should opt for the Elliptical since it is relatively subtle upon the joints during a workout session. Whereas, for those in search of increasing strength along with running stamina should undoubtedly consider purchasing a reliable treadmill to achieve their desired weight loss goals.

With that said, best of luck with attaining your weight-loss goals!


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